About Us

Welcome to Makeup Clearance Company's web site.

We are a New Zealand based retailer with six stores, five in Auckland and one in Hamilton. We are proudly 100% NZ owned and operated.

We only sell 100% genuine products, no fakes or counterfeits. It is illegal to sell counterfeit products in NZ. However if you are unhappy with your purchase from us, we offer a full refund policy, no questions asked.

Why are our prices so low compared to the same product from other NZ retailers?

Our buyers are buying goods overseas in bulk lots when manufacturers are clearing products such as overstock, end of line, packaging change and similar reasons. We also buy from large chain stores overseas that may have over stock problems or may just be changing their range. In both cases these suppliers are looking for someone like us to come in and buy everything for one bulk price. We often don't know what we're going to get until we get it, but we know the price will be GREAT! 

So shop with confidence at NZs premier makeup clearance store.